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Optical absorption, luminescence, and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy of crystalline to metamict zircon: Evidence for formation of uranyl, manganese, and other optically active centers


Kempe, Ulf and Thomas, Sylvia-Monique and Geipel, Gerhard and Thomas, Rainer and Plötze, Michael and Böttcher, Rolf and Grambole, Genia and Hoentsch, Joachim and Trinkler, Michael

Index Terms:

claygroup; zircon; metamict; uranium; luminescence; Raman; EPR; Colour; Bottcher, Rolf; Geipel, Gerhard; Grambole, Genia; Hoentsch, Joachim; Kempe, Ulf; Plotze, Michael; Thomas, Rainer; Thomas, Sylvia-Monique; Trinkler, Michael

Further Information:

Date published: 2010