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Morphology and kinematic of a very large, deep-seated structural rock slide located in the Fusch Valley, Eastern Alps, Austria


In this paper, we present a structurally controlled, deep-seated, gravitational slope deformation, located in the Fusch Valley, Eastern Alps, Austria, which is potentially endangering infrastructure. In the framework of a landslide risk analysis, a danger characterisation of this slope is presented. The characterisation is based on strong geomorphological, geological, and hydrological evidence, on which both a kinematical and a stability model of that slope could be developed. Unlike the majority of case studies where type and position of basal slip surfaces remain unknown, the present models seem capable of delivering characterisations on the classification of the potential slope instability, its spatial extents, and likely physical reasons for its pre and post failure behaviour with high consistency and likelihood.


Imre, Bernd and Alig, C. and Schönenberger, I. and Springman, Sarah M. and Hermann, S.

Index Terms:

Soil; SoilGroup; rock; morphology; geomorphological response; Alig, C.; Hermann, S.; Imre, Bernd; Schonenberger, I.; Springman, Sarah M.

Further Information:

Date published: 2009