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Simplified dynamic solution of the shear band propagation in submerged landslides


Using the energy balance approach, a failure mechanism of submarine landslides based on the phenomenon of shear band propagation has been investigated. Dynamic analysis includes inertia effects in the sliding layer and viscous resistance of the water, but ignores elastic and plastic wave propagation in the sliding layer. The solution allows assessing the velocity and acceleration of both the landslide and the shear band at the moment when the slide fails due to the limiting equilibrium (i.e., the initial post-failure velocity). The effects of the initial landslide velocity on the tsunami wave height are discussed and validated for the Storegga slide example.


Puzrin, Alexander and Saurer, Erich and Germanovich, L.N.

Index Terms:

GeomechanicsGroup; Germanovich, L.N.; Puzrin, Alexander; Saurer, Erich

Further Information:

Date published: 2009