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Determination of the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of clay minerals using the complexes of copper (II) ion with triethylenetetramine and tetraethylenepentamine.


Cation exchange capacity (CEC) is one of the most important characteristic properties of clay minerals. Several methods for CEC determination exist but depending on the method the measured values vary. The reference method based on ammonium acetate is time and work consuming. Therefore the fastest method based on the methylene blue cation is still widespread in industries, although results are unreliable. Our method uses the blue complexes of copper(II) ion with triethylenetetramine and tetraethylenepentamine as exchanging cation which are determined by a photometer at the wave length of 620nm. It is a fast and easy way of determinating CEC and is in good agreement with the ammonium acetate method


Meier, Lorenz and Kahr, Günter

Index Terms:

cation exchange; cec; ClayGroup; Kahr, Gunter; Meier, Lorenz

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Date published: 1999