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Centrifuge modelling of foundations on double porosity clay landfills


Centrifuge tests were carried out to model double porosity clay landfills in the Czech Republic. Ground improvement, in the form of sand compaction piles, was applied in-flight to partially consolidated soil models. Foundation tests were carried out to compare the soil stiffness and it was shown that this method of ground improvement can increase foundation resistance by up to a factor of 3.

Keywords: centrifuge model, clay landfills, Czech Republic, double porosity, foundation resistance, ground improvement, open cast mining


Pooley, Emma and Laue, Jan and Springman, Sarah M.

Index Terms:

SoilGroup; centrifuge modelling; foundation engineering; double porosity; clay; landfill; Laue, Jan; Pooley, Emma; Springman, Sarah M.

Further Information:

Date published: 2008