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The measurement of strain distribution in large diameter steel piles


The Mar Pequeno highway bridge has a total length of 1013 m, two carriageways of 11.80 m and 13.30 m width respectively and individual Spans of over 40 m between the piers. The latter have a height of 10 to 12 m allowing navigation of ships under the bridge. It connects the municipalities of Praia Grande and Sao Vincente in the state of Sao Paolo in Brazil. The onshore and offshore ground consists of alternating layers of silty marine clay and fine sand with a varying degree of compaction. Because of the considerable depth of the soft ground friction piles made of steel tubes and having Open ends were used for the foundation of the piers. Their diameter was 650 mm and their length 45 m. Altogether 558 piles were driven for the foundation of this bridge. For installing the piles in the ground heavy floating driving equipment with a tower 56 m in height was used. The steam hammer had a weight of 120 kN providing a highly efficient system. The time required for lowering a 50 m long pile of the above-mentioned diameter was only 80 minutes. The extremities of the pile were temporarily closed to allow floating when pulled by motor boats to the location of their application.


Carvalho, Osnyr and Kovári, Kalman

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TunnelingGroup; Mar Pequeno highway bridge; Carvalho, Osnyr; Kovari, Kalman

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