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Influence of Seepage Forces on Deformation and Stability of Underground Structures


Cases of damage in tunnelling as for example cave-ins or damage to buildings due to ground settlements may often be traced back to influences of ground water. Within the scope of this research work firstly the theoretical fundamentals for explaining such phenomena are discussed. In a continuum mechanics formulation the problem is treated as a coupled hydraulic-mechanical process, that means a process in which the deformation and the hydraulic head fields influence each other. The pore water pressure reduces the effective stresses and therefore the shear resistance of the material. On the other hand the seepage forces directed towards the underground opening favour instability of the tunnel face or the development of rock pressures acting upon the tunnel lining. The research project plans to carry out numerical investigations of this phenomenon for practical application in tunnelling.


Vogelhuber, Martin

Index Terms:

groundwater; seepage; tunneling; rock pressure; TunnelingGroup

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