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Advanced Modelling of Ground Improvement on Soft Soils (AMGISS)


The scientific aim of AMGISS is to develop advanced modelling techniques for analysing coupled hydro-mechanical behaviour of ground improvement systems on soft soils. The innovation lies in accounting for the complex features of natural soft soil behaviour (such as anisotropy, destructuration and viscous effects) and application of various generic techniques (such as volume averaging and probabilistic methods) to modelling of ground improvement problems. While 2D numerical modelling will still be adopted for some generic modelling techniques, the intention is to move increasingly towards 3D modelling. Complementary modelling techniques will be compared via systematic parametric studies. The numerical modelling will be complemented by centrifuge modelling of ground improvement systems and real field studies.


Pooley, Emma and Najser, Jan and Springman, Sarah M. and Mayor, Pierre-André

Index Terms:

SoilGroup; model test; ground improvement; Soil; Mayor, Pierre-Andre; Najser, Jan; Pooley, Emma; Springman, Sarah M.

Further Information:

Date published: 2005