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TRAMM: Subproject: on Improved understanding of triggering mechanisms: field and laboratory experiments


The primary focus of this research poly-project is on enhancing understanding of triggering and initiation mechanisms, including the transition from slow to fast mass movement processes, and flow characteristics of such catastrophic mass movements.

TRAMM-subprojects The primary goal of the project is to improve quantification and predictability of hazardous mass movements including landslides, snow avalanches, and debris flows. The project is planned for a four-year period (2006-2010). We plan laboratory and field experiments, spatial analyses of hill-slope failures, development of new modeling approaches and new measurement methodology. These will be integrated in a common platform for modeling and hazard assessment as well serving certain training and educational purposes related to hill-slope hazards. The different experimental and modeling activities will be conducted in close collaboration between the institutes with open access to data and results for all participants. Information and results will be exchanged on a regular basis both with a common internet homepage and regular meetings.
The ultimate goal of the research project is to improve the prediction of fast mass release.


Springman, Sarah M. and Or, Dani and Stähli, Manfred

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Or, Dani; Springman, Sarah M.; Stahli, Manfred

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Date published: 2006