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Unterhalt 2000


The increasing number of ESAL (European Standard Axle Load) and the climatic changes in the last years are reducing the service life of many important roads in Switzerland. "Unterhalt 2000" is an important Project with an aim to explore new possibilities in bituminous materials for road construction. An effort has been made to increase the durability and the strenght of the bituminous mixture by comparing different kinds of bitumen in the road base. In order to achieve this goal, five different kinds of pavement have been built on the circular pavement test track at Dübendorf near Zurich. The results of the experimental test will be compared with the field test planned on the Highway A2 in Switzerland


Caprez, Markus and Rabaiotti, Carlo

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Bituminous Material; SoilGroup

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Date published: 14.04.2003