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Determination of Shear Strength Behaviour in Normally Consolidated Sensitive Clays Using the Piezocone Test


Since the middle of the 1970's, the piezocone test has provided a dependable and accurate ``in situ'' field test, with special success for stratigraphic profiling, i.e. identification and classification of soil types. Until the present time, quantitative interpretation concerning the shear strength of clays has either not been possible or has yielded unsatisfactory results. The IGT will carry out cone penetration tests with new cone penetration equipment in soft, sensitive clay tills. The possibility of determining shear strength from cone penetration results through the comparison of field results to laboratory investigations on undisturbed samples will be researched. The main aim of this reasearch is the analytical modelling of cone penetration tests, while the determination of empirical correlations for the tested ground types remains an important secondary aim.


Amann, Peter and Heil, Michael

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