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Deformation Behaviour of Artificial Barrier Materials, Especially Slurry Wall Materials for the Containment of Landfills and Contaminated Sites


Mineral barrier systems are generally preferred for the containment of landfills and contaminated sites. Most commonly, one or two phase slurry walls are constructed. On the one hand, the slurry wall must guarantee that no contaminants pass through the barrier and, on the other hand, it must be proven that the slurry wall resists such mechanical sollicitations as nonuniform settlements or pressure gradients due to varying groundwater conditions. This means that even though the slurry wall must have minimum values of stiffness, compressive and shear strength, it must also exhibit a certain deformability. Investigations on different slurry wall material mixtures have been carried out at IGT to examine permeability and diffusion behaviour following contact with landfill waste water. Corresponding investigations of stress-deformation behaviour of barrier materials have not previously been carried out. The object of this research is the investigation, using geotechnical test methods, of the stress-deformation behaviour of different clay-cement slurry wall material mixtures for two phase construction. In addition, the behaviour of the ground-slurry wall material system will be researched for varying loading situations. The research will be continued with fibre-reinforced materials.


Amann, Peter and Preiss, Olaf

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