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Stress-deformation Behaviour of Mineral Horizontal Barriers


The important technical requirements for a mineral horizontal barrier are low permeability, high deformability, and resistance to tearing, in addition to frost and erosion resistance, filter stability, resistance to chemical attack, contaminant retention and long service life. Shear and bending deformation due to the uniform and differential settlements caused by landfill loading may be seen in horizontal basis barriers on compressible foundation ground or in surface capping. If the material shear resistance or limit deformation is exceeded during bending, tearing and even material failure may occur, and the barrier functions may no longer be guaranteed. The present research work includes, on the one hand, the production of soil mixtures to clarify workability using mixing and compaction tests and, on the other hand, the verification of construction feasability and field compaction using large-scale tests. Then, further laboratory investigations will be carried out in order to determine the mechanical properties of the barrier material, especially strength and deformation properties, as well as permeability. Pure clay, bentonite-enriched clay and cement-stabilised clay have already been tested in the laboratory.


Amann, Peter

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