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Deformation of Sealing Systems for Waste Deposits


Up to the present time, there has been practically no experience available regarding the bearing behaviour of steep mineral sealing systems (up to 80) for waste disposals in deep quarries. At the Institute of Geotechnical Engineering, ETH Zurich, large-scale tests (scale 1:1) are being performed for the analysis of the stress-strain conditions of a steep slope sealing system made of clay. The planned large-scale tests will be carried out in a test box (inside: 3 m wide, 4 m high, 5.2 m long). The large-scale equipment was developed at the Institute. The first large-scale experiment has already been carried out. Additionally, results from field measurements in an already-existing waste disposal site are also available. Prior to starting the research program, finite element analyses were made. The comparison of the measured and the computed values allows a calibration of the finite element model. The ultimate goal of this study is to develop scientific fundamentals and guidelines for the construction of steep slope sealing systems for waste disposal sites in deep quarries, in order to attain a high standard of safety. This study was generously funded by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. The offprint will be available end of 1998 by IGT report vdf ISBN 3 7281 2602.


Amann, Peter

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