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SPP Environment: ''Residue treatment'' Project (cont.)


The main aim of the research programme ''Environmental technologies and research'' (Research programme environment) is the research and solution of national and global environmental problems. In the framework of this programme, the Institute of Geotechnical Engineering is taking part in the joint project ''Residue treatment'' which is contained in module 6 ''Environmental technologies: Disposal and recycling''. The joint project is divided into four partial projects. The partial project for which the IGT collaborates is the immobilisation of municipal waste incineration installations and the possible uses of these residues as construction materials. The immobilisation of the incineration residues with clay will be investigated with view to use as a leachate barrier. At the same time, the geotechnical properties (friction angle, cohesion and permeability) of the slag and the clay-slag mixture will be determined in order to decide upon an optimal construction method for such materials in landfills. The theme of waste as a raw materials source will be discussed, and the possibility of gaining back raw materials from landfills, even for immobilised residues, will be investigated. Additional partial projects investigate, on the one hand, the toxicity of the residues and, on the other hand, the preparation of the residues on an industrial scale.


Amann, Peter and Schmid-Mendoza, Ana

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