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Quantitative phase analysis of Portland cement clinker with the Rietveld method.


The properties of the Portland cement clinker are strongly depending on quantity and composition of the clinker phases. For quality and process control during cement production the knowledge of the phase content, the microstructure and the chemical composition of each phase in clinker is an important requirement. Phase quantification of cement clinker is commonly performed by quantitative analysis of oxide composition followed by Bogue-calculation of potential phase composition, by quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD) and by microscopic methods. The Rietveld-method with new fundamental-parameter-approach-programs offer new possibilities for the improvement of the quantitative analysis of clinker with XRD. The project deals with the determination of phase content in Portland cement clinker from various manufacturers with Rietveld analysis. The results were compared with those of common Bogue calculation and light microscopy.


Plötze, Michael and Kahr, Günter and Hermanns Stengele, Rita

Index Terms:

Rietveld; XRD; cement; clinker; ClayGroup

Further Information:

Date published: 01.07.2001