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Stability of Rock Slopes and -Foundations

1st of März 2007, ETH Hönggerberg
Patronate:Swiss Society for Soil and Rock Mechanics (SGBF)
Organisation:Pit Fritz (IGT)


After an overview over the rock mechanical fundamentals and the methods for analyzing the stability of rock slopes and foundations, the program AutoBlock is introduced and presented in detail. The aim of the course is that all participants get an impression of the possibilities of AutoBlock, its applicability for various purposes and how it may be used.
Two examples from engineering practice provide a deeper insight on working with AutoBlock. They should instruct civil engineers and geologists how a specific problem may be solved using a scientific approach.


     Prof. Dr. Georgios Anagnostou      Dipl. Bauing.
Institut für Geotechnik, ETH Zürich
Stefan Bergamin Dipl. Bauing. ETH
Henauer Gugler AG, Zürich
Dr. sc. techn. Pit Fritz Dipl. Bauing. ETH
Institut für Geotechnik, ETH Zürich
Heinz Hagedorn Dipl. Bauing. ETH
Amberg Engineering AG, Regensdorf
Bernd Imre Mag. rer. nat.
Institut für Geotechnik, ETH Zürich
Pierre Mayor Dipl. Bauing. ETH
Institut für Geotechnik, ETH Zürich
John Kolberg Dipl. Bauing. ETH
Henauer Gugler AG, Schwyz
Marc Hauser Dr. phil. nat. Geol. ETH
Geotest AG, Zollikofen
Prof. Dr. Tom Schanz Ing. habil.
Bauhaus Universität, Weimar


Opening   G. Anagnostou   MP4   FLV  * 3 Min. (in German)
Rockmechanical Fundamentals   S. Bergamin MP4   FLV  * 30 Min. (in German)
Comparing important Methods for analyzing Slope Stability Problems
   Finite Element Method (FEM)   P. Mayor MP4   FLV  * 19 Min. (in German)
   Discrete Element Method (DEM)   H. Hagedorn MP4   FLV  * 14 Min. (in German)
   Kinematical Element Method (KEM)   T. Schanz MP4   FLV  * 12 Min. (in German)
   Particle Flow Code (PFC)   B. Imre MP4   FLV  * 11 Min. (in German)
   Wedge Method   P. Fritz MP4   FLV  * 10 Min. (in English)
   Comparing the 5 Methods   P. Fritz MP4   FLV  * 11 Min. (in English)
Introduction to Program AutoBlock   S. Bergamin MP4   FLV  * 22 Min. (in German)
Tutorial Program AutoBlock Part 1   P. Fritz MP4   FLV  * 32 Min. (in English)
  Part 2     MP4   FLV  * 19 Min. (in English)
Example Rock Slope Bristen (Kt. Uri)   J. Kolberg MP4   FLV  * 16 Min. (in German)
Example Portal Area of Tunnel Chlus   M. Hauser MP4   FLV  * 23 Min. (in German)

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