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CAD based Program for
Analyzing the Stability of Rock Slopes and -Foundations


The rock mass - as encountered in nature - embodies a variety of discontinuities as joints and bedding planes. They weaken the rock mass and may give rise to potentially unstable blocks. click to zoom If such blocks may - from kinematical considerations - move, a potentially hazardous situation may exist with regard to the stability of a slope, which needs further investigation, taking into account the loads acting and the strength properties of the contact areas.
In an area with many discontinuities a great amount of potentially unstable blocks may be found. Because often they may visually not be recognized due to the complicated and not easily surveyable topography, it is indispensable to determine potentially unstable blocks analytically using a digital terrain model as close to reality as possible.

The program "AutoBlock" covers both problems by means of a single tool. It is an add-on to the popular CAD program "AutoCAD", which allows to exploit its visualization features to its full extent. Thanks to automation and visual tools tailored for this purpose, AutoBlock allows to determine potentially unstable blocks with minimum expenditure and maximum reliability.


AutoBlock Exercise Schartenfels 2020

An introduction to the computer program AutoBlock, which has to be used in the exercise, is given in the red link below.
The exercise itself is discussed in the next link.
In addition to the Videos detailed instructions are given in the following guidance.

Introduction to AutoBlock
     Overview and Motivation         MP4     FLV  * 7 min.
     Introduction to AutoBlock          MP4     FLV  * 32 min.
     Example Backcalclulation Landslide Schartenfels          MP4     FLV  * 19 min.
     Example Portal Zones Chlus Tunnel          MP4     FLV  * 11 min.
     HowTo-Tutorial: simple Example using AutoBlock          MP4 FLV  * 17 min.
     HowTo-Tutorial: setup and install AutoBlock          MP4 FLV  * 3 min.
Theoretical Fundamentals
     Limit Equilibrium Method          MP4     FLV  * 10 Min.
     Comparison of various Analysis-Methods          MP4     FLV  * 11 min.
     Manual          PDF        *  
     Helpfile          CHM        *  
     Introduction to AutoBlock          PDF        *  
     Example Portal Zone of Tunnel Chlus, Switzerland          PDF        *  
     All IGT-Publications concerning AutoBlock          Webpage        
     All Lectures given concerning AutoBlock          Webpage        
     All IGT-Publications concerning Stability of Rock Slopes          Webpage        
Continuing Education Course
     All Presentations with pictures and narration          Webpage        

* Used Formats:

     PDF-Format     Adobe Acrobat Format     portable
     CHM-Format     Compiled HTML Help Format     for Windows
     FLV-Format     Flash Video     portable
     WMV-Format     MS-Windows Media Video     for Windows, good comression
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Obtaining AutoBlock

An evaluation version of AutoBlock may be downloaded from our FTP server (24 MB). This version is fully functional, except that the terrain surface may be modeled with up to 100 faces only. On request an unlimited version may be obtained (which may be used during one month).

If desired the evaluation version may be upgraded by inputting a valid serial number, which must be puchased from IGT:

Price of 1 Licence:    

US$ 500 / sFr. 500 .

Prerequesites: AutoBlock is compatible with AutoCAD from version 2004 up to 2015. Later versions of AutoCAD are currently not supported.

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